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[Fic] Origin Story (Dark Knight, gen 1/1)

Author: [info]minim_calibre
Fandom: The Dark Knight, with a healthy heap of general DCU.
Rating: Safe for all audiences.
Notes: Because there's nothing wrong with fighting like a girl. And because, well, I think it needed to be done. This goes out to [info]cereta, and all my old DCU pals. Unbetaed, because I needed to get it out of my head.
Length: ~1300 words
Summary: She's seven and a half years old when she moves to Gotham.

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[Admin] Sigh. Time to start posting here. Again.

I admit, I'm lazy. I *hate* moving around. Hate, umm. Remembering to stay logged in to more than one place. Hate using Semagic, even.

But seriously? There's increasingly little value-added to LJ beyond the established connections and feeds. Which, if I get off my ass, I can recreate.

I've been on LJ longer than I've written fic, by the way. My first LJ (and my current account, later on) was created back in the day of invite codes. I've been on LJ almost as long as I've been in this house, in fact.

But in three or so weeks, as it happens, we're moving out, into a new place that better suits our needs and isn't, in fact, actively hostile. (There's an entire post in me somewhere about my personal mixed feelings regarding the move. I'll probably never make it.)

Maybe I need to do that with my virtual home, too.

Actual content later, I suppose.

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[Random] Filled with gronk and blah.

I am working at home today.

I am wondering how long it will be until I just give up and take a nap. I am that bored.

Anyone read anything good lately?

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[Random] Journals n' Me

I had this noble notion that I'd be crossposting, which failed to take into account that I'm the bitch of the update window.

Which means, other than fic, I'll probably be having different random content in all active locations. I'm not really bothering with GJ, as I have it, but am not fond of it, so it'll probably just sit there for now. JF has turned into Occasional House and Garden Bitching. Here... well, here's where I'm reading the flist most often, but I haven't really defined here as a space, you know?

This is partly due to the August Brain Death.

I mean, seriously. The month has vanished in a pit of blah.

Hmmm. I think here may be where I am goofy and think about porn.

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[Fic] Johnny and Mary (SPN, John/Mary, adult, 1/1)

Title: Johnny and Mary (1/1)
Author: [info]minim_calibre
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing John/Mary
Rating: Adult for teenaged fumbling and such.
Spoilers: Pre-series, so none for the show. Possible slight spoiler for SPN Origins issue 1 or 2.
Author's Notes: 1261 words. [info]femmenerd was talking about awkward first times, which was what was intended, but then it went slightly more melancholy and sentimental than that when I was discussing it in email with the Cheersquad. This was the result.
Summary: Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back. Oldest story in the book, really.

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[Admin] Crossposting test

Because I, apparently, have the technology.

If this worked, I should be able to hit all three things with one blow.

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[Admin] ROLL CALL!

Okay, my peeps: who all's over here?

Where are the backup comms?

What's the game plan?


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